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Incorporation of EU companies

The EU has been the largest trading bloc in history, consisting of 500 million of population. It has been founded on the basis of free movement on capital, people and goods and services, which attract investors seeking to set up a presence there.

Note:We act as an introducer for business service providers who are regulated by AML Supervision in the UK and Hong Kong. 


  • Removal of trade barriers
  • In the single market
  • Reduction of business costs
  • Harmonising legal standards (import &export procedures)


  • Requirement for incorporation EU companies
  • Copies of passports of directors and shareholders
  • Proof of Address
  • Company name

UK & EU trademark registration services

We offer our clients UK and EU trademark registration services to protect what they own is recognised by the law. Upon successful registration, each trademark is valid for 10 years and the renewal application can be submitted 6 months prior to expiry of the existing trademark.

For UK trademarks , the processing time is 2-3 months, while for EU trademarks , the processing time is 4-6 months.

Europe  Business Consulting Services 

We offer the following services as part of our Europe Business Consulting:

Operational Consulting

Marketing Consulting

Regulatory Consulting

Government Relations Consulting

Company Management Consulting

Business Plan Consulting

Initial Trademark Search

We offer a free initial trade search for you should you be interested in our services. This is to ensure that the name , the logo and design of your trademark have not been taken before registration takes place.

Worldwide Trademark Registration and Monitoring Services

We also offer our clients the need to monitor their trademark 24/7. This is to ensure that no similar or infringed trademarks have been registered and applied to the market. We will be the safeguard for your intellectual  property rights.Applications of a trademark can be time consuming and heart wrenching. Here at Jarvous&Co, we work things well in plan, meaning we sketch out a plan for the success of your trademark application. Please go to our sister company’s website for an online order to get the ball rolling.