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Chinese Company Formation

China continues to present tremendous opportunities for foreign companies, with the economic reform deepening and the open policy strengthening.


  • No Registered Capitals (specific sectors are mandatory)
  • No registered bank credit certificates (specific sectors are mandatory)

Processing Time:
15 working days


  • Able to set up wholly own or majority owned Chinese Companies in these Free Trade Zones
  • Simplified customs
  • Fewer restrictions on foreign investment
  • Regulatory and tax rebate

The establishment of pilot free trade zones is intended to align with the government’s policy of opening up in line with the current global economic development. The State Council has approved pilot free trade zones (FTZs) for Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangdong, Fujian, Liaoning, Zhejiang, Henan, Hubei, Chongqing, Sichuan and Shaanxi, with Shanghai, Guangdong,Fujian and Tianjin making up the largest by trading volume.


  • No registered capital required
  • Set up a presence in China
  • Promoting Brand
  • Business liaisons

A foreign representative office in China allows you to stay in touch with businesses and consumers in the country for communication purposes. The office in China cannot directly engage with business operational activities directly, rather it is carrying out business duties of a parent company which is usually based overseas.

Processing time:15 working days


  • Shared resources
  • Gain more insights and knowledge from the partner
  • Greater access to the market using partner’s resources
  • Sharing all risks and expenses

Most foreign investors in China opt for joint ventures , it is a way of partnering with another individual or entity for sharing markets, knowledge, assets, risks and opportunities. It is also a way for large enterprises reinforcing their position in the market , while staying competitive in a foreign guided  by a partner.

Hong Kong Company Incorporation

Hong Kong is one of the 5 freest economies  in the world , surveyed by the World Bank , and is one of the top international financial centres and a major getaway to China for businesses. Its sound legal system based on English common law , an educated workforce and an efficient government , all of which drive investors to set up their regional head  office. At Jarvous &Co , we are able to offer services to help you set up your office in a short period of time.

Processing time:
Incorporation of a limited company 1-2  working days
Set up a bank account 5-7 working days

Note:We act as an introducer for business  service providers who are regulated by AML Supervision in the UK and Hong Kong.

China Business Consulting Services 

We offer the following services as part of our China Business Consulting:

Operational Consulting

Marketing Consulting

Regulatory Consulting

Government Relations Consulting

Company Management Consulting

Business Plan Consulting

Market Entry Consulting

Import and Export Consulting

China e-commerce consulting

Other types of China consulting available upon request , please send it over to for an initial consultation.





  • English Common Law
  • Impeccable Legal System
  • West Meets East
  • Top International Financial Centre
  • Free capital flow
  • No bureaucracy
  • favourable tax regime

Trademark Services

We offer our clients Hong Kong and China trademark registration services to protect what they own is recognised by the law.

We offer our clients Hong Kong and China trademark registration services to protect what they own is recognised by the law.

Upon successful registration, each trademark is valid for 10 years and the renewal application can be submitted 6 months prior to expiry of the existing trademark.

For China trademarks, the processing time is 12-18 months, while for Hong Kong trademarks, the processing time is 4-7 months.

We offer a free initial trade search for you should you be interested in our services. This is to ensure that the name , the logo and design of your trademark have not been taken before registration takes place.

We also offer our clients the need to monitor their trademark 24/7. This is to ensure that no similar or infringed trademarks have been registered and applied to the market. We will be the safeguard for your intellectual property rights.